Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1975-1999)
                                                                                            Affiliated Artist and Lecturer
Lecturing in music history, composition, and theory. Coaching individual students. Performing
solo and chamber music recitals. Conducting seminars on various topics of music literature.
Supervising and leading student chamber orchestra. Supervising student theses

University of Massachusetts (1977-1995)
                                                                                                               Lecturer in Music
Developing and teaching a four-semester course for music majors, including theory, keyboard
harmony, analysis and composition

University of California Los Angeles (2001-present)
                                                                                                             Lecturer in Music  
Developing and teaching courses in history of film soundtracks, theory, and piano

University of Southern California (2004-present)
                                                                                            Director, Polish Music Center
Directing Polish Music Center—a library and research institute devoted to popularizing Polish
music. Organizing concerts, coordinating and editing publications and research in Polish music & MaZeMus Productions
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