Pacific Symphony Orchestra (2002-present)
                                                                                                            Guest Lecturer
Pre-concert lectures, lecture-recitals, and courses in music history and theory, connected
with programs of the Pacific Symphony Orchestra

Delta Airlines (2001-2007)
Developing and producing in-flight radio programs based on classical music. Selecting and
researching program topics and recordings, writing scripts and recording V/O commentary

CAMERIMAGE Film Festival (1999-present)
                                                                                                      Festival Executive
Co-directing an international film festival devoted to the art of cinematography, held
annually in Lodz, Poland. Supervising Festival Jury, organizing press events for celebrities,
supervising festival publications, and liaising with major studios in festival preparations,
editing and translation of books published annually by the Festival

IAM.COM, Inc. (1999-2000)
                                                                            Online Event Producer and Writer
Interviewing celebrities. Directing a group of engineers, camera crews, talent booking staff
and office personnel on location and in studio. Supervising video editing. Conducting,
coordinating and moderating online chats. Building relationships with network executives
and studios and forming business alliances. Supervising posting of articles, interviews and
events on website. Writing reviews and companion pieces for online publishing. Editing
HTML texts and transcripts from interviews and events. Writing and editing website
documentation. Coordinating development and publication of Terms and Conditions and
other legal documents with the CLO and other internal departments

Boston Book Review (1996-2001)
                                                                                                    Contributing Writer
Writing substantial reviews of publications in music, poetry, art, history and other subjects

Foreign language translation (1984-present)
                                                                                 Freelance Translator and Editor
Linguistic Systems, Cambridge, MA; The International Law Center at Harvard Law School
and the United Nations; SDI Media, Los Angeles; University of Southern California

Harvard Radio WHRB-FM (1976-1980)
Developing and producing radio programs based on Polish classical music. Selecting
recordings and writing program commentary

Other interests
Weather forecasting  
(first place winner Intercollegiate Weather Forecasting Contest 1991)
World travel
(2 full-length film scripts), books (music, film, etc.) & MaZeMus Productions
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