Ravel: Miroirs
Prokofiev: Romeo & Juliet
Apollo Records (1993)
Schumann: Dichterliebe
Zebrowski: Leaving Alexandria
Titanic Records (1999)
Chopin: Trio Op. 8
Vilnius, Lithuania (1999)
Providence, RI (1980s)
With violinist George Szpinalski
Art Association, Newport, RI (1980s)
Palais Layadi
Marrakech, Morocco, 1993

This is by far the most
romantic place for a piano
recital. An alabaster
fountain filled with rose
petals, the piano on several
huge antique carpets, and
the starry desert sky
Kresge Auditorium, MIT (1980s)
"Polish Night Music" -- a concert of improvisations with David
Lynch (performing on two keyboards) and Marek Zebrowski on
a Steinway concert grand.
        New York City, 15 October 2006
NY Photos by Jerzy Koss
With David Lynch in Poland:
Getting ready for improvisations before
the Polish premiere of INLAND EMPIRE
The Festival of Stars
Neptune Cinema, Gdansk, Poland
5 July 2007

Photo: Paweł Janecki/Wirtualna Polska
With Peter Weir in Krakow, Poland. November 2007

Photo by Marek Szmigiel
Checking out Paderewski's old piano in his manor house.
Kasna Dolna, Poland, June 2008

Photo by Paula O'Farrell
With Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski after an embassy
dinner. Washington D.C. January 2008

Staff photo
With Maria Kaczynska at the Regan Library.
Simi Valley, California, June 2007

Staff photo
With Consul Paulina Kapuscinska (left) visiting the Presidential Palace
for tea with Poland's First Lady, Maria Kaczynska. Warsaw, June 2008

Staff photo
Performing the Vars Piano
Concerto and my own
Fantasy on "Love Forgives
All" by Henry Vars [Henryk
Wars] with the Poznan
Philharmonic Orchestra
conducted by Krzesimir
Debski. Poland, May 2010

Photo: Antoni Hoffmann
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